101 in 1001

The 101 things in 1001 days challenge is, as its name implies, a list of 101 things to complete in 1001 days. 1001 days is about 2.75 years, which gives this list a much more realistic timeline for completion than a lot of other list challenges I’ve seen. The idea is to make the 101 things as realistic and measurable as possible, while still having tasks that are actually doable. For example, I’ve included the task of figuring out a plan for paying back my student loans and one for working towards that plan to pay them off as quickly as possible. But, because of the amount of loans I possess and the field of work I am employed in, paying them off completely within this period is not realistic and is therefore not on the list.  That being said, I don’t really know what the next 2.75 years are going to bring me, so while I’ve tried to keep these goals as doable, yet challenging, as possible, it’s impossible to say right now how many I’ll actually accomplish by the end. But I’m going to shoot for all of them!

I've attempted a 101 things in 1001 days list before, and although I didn't manage to complete everything on that list, I did pretty good, so I'm hoping will help guide me through the next few years!

I also realized, when deciding to try this type of goal list again, that this list would take me all the way to 2020, but not past my 30th birthday, but so this is also kind of a “things to do before 30” list, though I’m sure I’ll be expanding on that particular theme closer to that inevitable date.

101 things in 1001 days | kathleenhelen

Start: 26 June 2017
End: 23 March 2020


1. Move into a new apartment
2. Organize my apartment and belongings
3. Become a permanent resident of Ontario
4. Go to 5 networking events (0/5)
5. Attend my 10-year high school reunion
6. Send Christmas cards
7. Do an aggressive closet clean
8. Downsize my closet
9. Get rid of all unused items
10. Get up at 6:00 am everyday for two weeks
11. Go to bed at 10 pm every night for two weeks
12. Don’t hit snooze for two weeks straight
13. Get a plant and keep it alive for three months (0/3)
14. Upgrade my phone to one with more storage


15. Become completely self-sufficient financially
16. Go one month without shopping
17. Create a grocery budget and stick to it for three months
18. Create a budget
19. Stick to budget for at least one month
20. Leave a 100% tip
21. Get paid to write something
22. Start donating to STU
23. Buy new bedding
24. Figure out a plan to pay off my student loans
25. Work towards paying off my student loans as quickly as possible


26. Read five personal development books (0/5)
27. Read 75 books (0/75)
28. Write a book review for each book read
29. Read all the books currently on my shelf
30. Read an entire book in one day
31. Get a library card
32. Leave a note inside a book
33. Retake the federal government French language test for written expression (and get a B!)
34. Take a cooking class
35. Take an online course
36. Watch 25 TED talks (0/25)

Fitness/ Health

37. Lose 5 lbs
38. Lose 10 lbs
39. Lose 15 lbs
40. Lose 20 lbs
41. Run 1.0 miles every day for a month
42. Run a sub 30:00 mins 5km
43. Do 100 sit-ups without taking a break (best: 0/100)
44. Do 50 push-ups without taking a break (best: 0/50)
45. Complete a Whole 30
46. Give up dairy for two months
47. Take a multivitamin everyday for a month
48. Journal every day for a month
49. Reach 15-day streak on Headspace
50. Reach 30-day streak on Headspace
51. Reach 90-day streak on Headspace
52. Reach 180-day streak on Headspace
53. Reach 365-day streak on Headspace
54. Go one week with no tv


55. Unplug for 24 hours
56. Clean out email inboxes
57. Unsubscribe from unwanted mailing lists
58. Clean up and reorganize iPad
59. Organize my computer files


60. Visit 10 new museums/ special exhibitions (0/10)
61. Visit Toronto
62. Visit Montreal
63. Go on a road trip
64. Take the train somewhere
65. Visit a winery
66. Skate the entire length of the Rideau Canal
67. Go berry picking
68. Visit somewhere I’m not planning to go
69. Take my camera out to take pictures at least ten times (0/10)
70. Go to the movies
71. Get a tattoo
72. Go to a sip and paint
73. Do an escape room
74. See Come From Away performed
75. Get hair cut
76. Try ten new restaurants (0/10)
77. Try a new recipe every month for a year (0/12)
78. Try five new-to-me foods
79. Make my own cold pressed coffee
80. Make a pie from scratch
81. Make 3 (new-to-me) cocktail recipes I find online (0/3)
82. Try five new beers
83. Try five new wines
84. Colour an entire colouring book
85. Take a selfie on the first of each month to see how things change over time (0/33)
86. Keep my nails painted for a month
87. Watch all movies on the IMDB Top 250 list (68/250)
88. Finish watching all of Law and Order
89. Buy flowers at least three times (0/3)


90. Post 300 blog posts (0/300)
91. Set 5 goals a month for a year (0/12)
92. Finish 50% of my monthly goals in that year
93. Develop some social media/ blog goals
94. Meet those goals
95. Establish an editorial calendar


96. Write a letter to be open on day 1001
97. Update this list once a month (0/33)
98. Make a list of 101 things I’ve already accomplished
99. Make a new 101 in 1001 list
100. Put $10 into savings for every item checked off (0/101)
101. Treat myself with my savings

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