Five on Friday: Kitchen Gadgets Wish List

Lately, I’ve been trying out more and more recipes. I started experimenting in the kitchen the first time I did a round of Whole30. The program requires you to eliminate all dairy, grains, sugar, and other additives, which basically means all you eat are veggies, fruits, and meat. It was easier than I thought it was going to be because I really embraced preparing meals and tried a number of new foods and recipes during that time. Since then, I’ve continued trying new recipes, especially when I’m prepping food for the upcoming work week. As I’ve added recipes to my repertoire, I’ve also added some kitchen gadgets, like a whisk and a simple food processor, among others. There’s still lots of other things I’d like to add to my kitchen if only I had some space!

For this week’s Five on Friday post, I’ve rounded up the top five kitchen gadgets on my wish list!

Kitchen Gadgets Wish List

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