Why Blogging?

Why Blogging? | kathleenhelen

This coming September, it will be five years since I started my first blog. I had just begun my first semester in Sciences at Dalhousie University and was finding the coursework fairly tedious and dull. Now, I do not mean to say that science in and of itself is boring or mundane. Science is exciting and amazing and impressive and astonishing. It’s absolutely incredible what can be determined by examining the world around us.

For me, however, the actual studying of science, which includes memorizing a plethora of minute and specific details that could easily be googled or otherwise looked up if that knowledge was ever needed, was dismal. I was doing fine in the classes, but I’m just not a person capable of feeling fulfilled and productive by simply sitting and trying to understand the material. It’s not that I never spent any time studying during my Liberal Arts degree, but that schoolwork was balanced by a large amount of written assignments that involved thinking critically about a variety of material.

All of a sudden I was no longer writing. I was also in a program where the majority of my classmates were 18 compared to my 22, and in a city where I had few friends. I needed something to help me occupy my time and express my creativity. I had been following a small number of blogs at that time, and thought why not just start sharing my thoughts and ideas online?

I’ve been blogging on and off since then, with less time spent on it when schoolwork becomes more demanding, especially so during my time in Applied Museum Studies, where the work was often varied, if not always fascinating. As graduation approached and I was looking, for the first time, at never having to do another school assignment, I felt like it was time to re-establish my hobby and get back into writing regularly.

Having those five years (or so) of experience in blogging gave me the confidence to buy a domain and promote my posts publicly on my social media accounts. It’s not that having that experience tells me I’m an amazing blogger and everyone will be waiting with bated breath to read my posts (the reality might be closer to the opposite). Having that experience did tell me that I could commit to writing and posting regularly and that I would gain a certain amount of satisfaction and stimulation. I honestly don’t know why anyone would be interested in reading my thoughts or ideas, but putting them out into the world where they can be read by anyone who just might be interested, carries a certain amount of vulnerability that increases my sense of fulfillment in writing. I haven’t felt so absolutely terrified to do something in a long while as I did when I hit share on my Instagram post announcing this blog. But I’m glad I did because I am writing and I am sharing that writing online, and I should own that, and those who want to read what I have to say can do that, and those that don’t can go on continuing to ignore me.

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