Book Review: China Rich Girlfriend + Rich People Problems

China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems are the second and third instalments in the Crazy Rich Asians series by Kevin Kwan. After enjoying the first novel, I immediately purchased the e-books for the second and then the third because I had to find out what happened to all the characters (and most importantly who was getting Tyersall Park in the will!*). You can read my review of Crazy Rich Asians here and continue reading to hear my thoughts on the sequels.

Book Review of China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan | kathleenhelen

China Rich Girlfriend

Since leaving them in Crazy Rich Girlfriend, Nick and Rachel are together, happy, and better than ever. In China Rich Girlfriend, the two are trying to find Rachel’s birth father, whom we learned about at the end of Crazy Rich Asians. When they do discover his identity, the two quickly decide to fly to China to get to know him and his family better.

Rich People Problems

When we see them again in Rich People Problems, we learn that Nick’s grandmother, Su-Yi, is gravely ill. He heads back to Singapore to make amends after their falling out over his relationship with Rachel. He, however, is not alone in rushing to Su-Yi’s bedside. Every aunt, uncle, and cousin descends on Tyersall Park to show their concern for Su-Yi, or rather, to make their claim on her massive fortune.

My Thoughts

I enjoyed these books just as much as the first. They were both fun, entertaining, and even more outrageous than Crazy Rich Asians. One of the biggest problems with the first novel is that the sheer number of characters made it incredibly difficult to keep all of the storylines straight. The sequels deal with the same main characters, adding only a few new names as Rachel discovers her family, which makes the story much less complicated and more easily followed. I liked being able to follow up on the many characters we met in Crazy Rich Asians and learn more about them and how they’re doing 2 and then 4 years later.  

These two novels are pure escapism. In my review of Crazy Rich Asians, I stated that it would make for a great light-hearted summer read, and I will add that the whole series is a perfect summer read. It’s amusing and engaging and engrossing yourself in the lives of the uber-rich of Asia makes for a great diversion from real life – especially if you’re a broke recent-grad (not speaking from experience or anything). I would definitely recommend the entire series to fans of shows like Gossip Girl and Keeping Up with the Kardashians. If you like seeing how the other half live, you’ll enjoy these.

I gave China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems both 4 stars out of 5 on Goodreads because, although still somewhat problematic and by no means life-changing, they were, overall, enjoyable reads.

*You do find out what happens to Tyersall Park. Thank goodness.

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