Currently: July

I love reading currently posts from other bloggers, so I thought it would be fun to start sharing my own. Currently posts are a collection of quick responses to a few prompts, done every month, to share some of the things I’ve been up to.

Currently: July 2017 | kathleenhelen

Reading: Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan. The third and final novel in the Crazy Rich Asians series. All I’ll say is that we had better find out who gets Tyersall Park before the end of the book.

Planning: for my mom/ maybe both my parents to come visit later this week.

Watching: I’m slowly trying to work my through the entire Law and Order series, but am also currently addicted to the new season of Big Brother, which just started a couple weeks ago. (Not a fan of Paul, but arrogant Cody kind of got what he deserved).

Trying: to organize my apartment to make my move next month a little easier (ha.ha.ha).

Cooking:  Anything and everything that involves sun-dried tomatoes. I’m addicted.

Drinking: All the sparkling water. I love flat and fizzy water equally, but the fizzy stuff just feels so much for luxurious.

Listening To: a lot of catchy 90s and 00s songs. I started updating my running playlist and I don’t think I added a single song later than 2005.

Working On: trying to get up at a consistent and early time each morning. I love a nice relaxing morning, even when I have to get to work. When I only get up early on work days, I forget to also go to bed early enough to still get enough shuteye.

Thinking: about the crazy weather we’ve been seeing this month. So much rain, and it always seems to start instantly and fiercely and then just as suddenly just stop. The photo I used for this post shows just how ominous the weather can look off in the distance. Just a few minutes after this picture, the downpour came.  

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