July Goals

Although I’ve just started a new 101 in 1001 list, and will, therefore, be working continuously towards checking off each of those items, 2.75 years is a while away, and I think it’s also important to create smaller, shorter goals. With that in mind, one of my 101 things is actually to create at least 5 goals per month for an entire. What better time to start a year-long goal than right away?

Monthly Goals - July 2017 | kathleenhelen

1. Read 4 books
2. Run 20 miles total
3. Clean off and out my desk
4. Visit a museum (other than the one I work at of course!)
5. Make a running playlist

In my future monthly goals posts, I will continue to share what my goals for the upcoming month are, as well as how well I did in my attempt to complete the previous month’s goals. 

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