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It’s been a full two weeks since I’ve posted anything and that’s mainly because my mom was visiting the first week, while I was still working, and I’ve been busy cleaning, working, and packing since she left. I could have forced myself to sit down and quickly write something up, but I think it would have felt contrived and inflexible and that’s not what I want to be posting. I was also planning on writing a book review for China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan (the second Crazy Rich Asians book), but was almost finished Rich People Problems (the third in the series) and felt it would work better and feel much less redundant to combine those two reviews instead (look out for that post later this week!). So I decided to take a little impromptu pause in blogging and just enjoy my mom’s company and then focus on getting back into a routine and organize my life.

Life Happens | kathleenhelen

I decided months ago that if I were going to stay in Ottawa for the foreseeable future (which is only about maybe 1 year from now), I wanted to move closer to the downtown area. I’m currently living near the college I attended, which was a great location while attending school, but I’m interested in actually experiencing the city. It’s now less than two weeks until my moving date and I’m trying to pack everything up. I’m moving from a one-bedroom apartment into a bachelor, so I’m also trying to sort through my many, many things and decide what I need to bring with me and what I can sell, donate, or toss. I’m really excited to make the move and experience living in a bachelor apartment. I frequently feel like I have way too many things and although I loved all the space my one-bedroom gave me during school, it’s big and honestly kind of overwhelming for just myself. Now that I’m done school, I don’t need to make sure I have all these separate spaces because I’m just not spending as much time in my apartment.

While my mom was visiting, we headed downtown and explored the Canadian Museum of Nature’s new Arctic Gallery. The Canada Goose Arctic Gallery just recently opened towards the end of June in celebration of Canada 150. I completed an internship at the Museum of Nature this past winter, so I was quite eager to see the completed gallery I had heard so much about. The beautiful gallery definitely lived up to expectations.

Real Ice in the Canadian Museum of Nature Arctic Gallery | kathleenhelen

As soon as you walk into the gallery, there are large ice blocks displaying video scenes and images of Arctic life, showing the animals, landscapes, and people of the Arctic. These slabs of ice are actual, real ice. You can touch them and feel how cold they are; maybe not the most exciting thing for Canadians to experience in February, but it felt pretty cool on a 30-degree day in July (that’s 30-degrees Celsius of course).

Ilurquisivut (Our Way) by Nancy Saunders at the Canadian Museum of Nature | kathleenhelen

One of the most awe-inspiring sections of the gallery is the magnificent artwork done by Inuit artist Nancy Saunders titled Ilurqusivut (Our Ways). The piece is spread out over several walls and creates a fascinating and cohesive three-dimensional mural when viewed from the right place in the gallery.

Polar Bear at the Canadian Museum of Nature | kathleenhelen

Of course, there’s also a beautiful polar bear on display, along with a whole assortment of various arctic animals, highlighting the diversity of land, sky, and sea creatures living in the Arctic.

Daspetosauruses at the Canadian Museum of Nature | kathleenhelen

This was my mom’s first visit to the Canadian Museum of Nature, so of course we had to stop and take a photo with the Daspletosauruses in the Fossil Gallery.

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