101 in 1001 Update - August 2017

I've been busy all month getting settled into my new apartment, working, and spending time with friends and family - but that doesn't mean I didn't get any of my 101 things done. I was actually quite surprised when I started looking at list and I realized that despite not getting much done in the way of my regular goals (reading more, health, financial), I actually managed to complete 5 things from my list and started or continued progress on a number of others. 

101 things in 1001 days | kathleenhelen

As of August 31, 2017:
Completed:  7/101
In Progress: 14/101

The following are the items I've completed or made progress on since last updating the list, with an overall total of all the items I've completed or have in progress to date for each category. You can see my full (and updated) list right here!


1. Move into a new apartment

I completed this goal earlier in the month, and is absolutely the main reason I've been completely MIA from here. Moving from a 1-bedroom apartment into a bachelor apartment definitely had its challeneges and I'm very thankfull I had the means to overlap my leases allowing me to take almost the entire month to slowly sort through my things, deciding how much to take to the new apartment and how much to leave behind (donating as much as possible).

2. Organize my apartment and belongings

I'm going to leave this goal as in progress for now because although I have almost everything organized, there is defintiely still a little work to be completed in my new apartment on that end. Hopefully by the end of September I'll feel much more confident in crossing this on off completely.

3. Become a permanent resident of Ontario

It feels so weird but I have changed just about everything over to Ontario now and now officially live here instead of with my parents. (Can we take a brief moment to cry about how much car insurance costs?)

9. Get rid of all unused items

I was pretty aggressive in deciding what to bring to my new apartment and what to leave behind / donate so I'm going to cross this one off as completed. The most difficult area was most definitely my desk and workspace. I love office supplies and the hardest part about not returning to school this fall is not having an excuse to buy new office / school supplies. Obviously I'm still going to be using pens and notepads (I'm a list maker), but I certainly did not need everything I had hoarded from the years and years of schooling I completed and I did manage to cut down significantly.

3/14 Completed

1/14 In Progress


0/11 Completed

0/11 In Progress


27. Read 75 books (04/75)

Because I was just so on the go this month trying to get everything on my to-do list completed, I didn't really have that much time to sit down and read. Almost everynight, I would get into bed, think about picking up my novel and decide I was much too tired. On the plus side, I slept the best I think I've ever slept throughout this month. I did manage to finish one novel during the month, Goodnight From London by Jennifer Robson (keep an eye out for the book review!) so I added one book to my count.

0/11 Completed

2/11 In Progress

Fitness and Health

51. Reach 90-day streak on Headspace

By the end of last month I had reached the 30-day streak with my Headspace app and I'm very happy to say that I have been continuing with it and the daily meditations and am making my way towards reaching the 90-day streak (I think I'm currently at 80 or 81!).

2/18 Completed

1/18 In Progress


56. Clean out email inboxes

This was significantly more effort than I anticipated just simply because of the number of email accounts I've accumulated over time, but I took some time this month and sorted through my inboxes and either filed away or deleted everything that needed to disapear. Now I'll have to go through some of the folders and further organize, but for now, my inboxes are cleaned out.

1/5 Completed

0/5 In Progress


73. Do an escape room

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to do 3 escape rooms here in Ottawa within 2 days with work and am very pleased to be able to say that we completed and escaped from all three. All 3 rooms were through Escape Manor and we completed the Gallery, the Tomb, and Escape the Diefenbunker. I would highly recommend if you enjoy puzzles and logic games!

76. Try ten new restaurants (1/10)

My mom was in town a few weeks ago to help me with my move and during her stay we tried Joey Restaurants at Lansdowne because I had heard good things about it. It definitely lived up to its reputation and was we both had delicious meals.

82. Try five new beers (2/5)

I tried Kichesippi 1855 and Kronenbourg Berry, each for the first time during the month. The Kronenberg Berry has easily become a favourite sweet beer of mine and I've actually had it a few times throughout the month.

85. Take a selfie on the first of each month to see how things change over time (2/33)

88. Finish watching all of Law and Order

Still working on watching all of the original Law and Order - I'm on season 12, so getting there!

1/30 Completed

6/30 in Progress


90. Post 300 blog posts (014/300)

And yet another goal that I didn't progress as much as I would like to have done due to how busy I was this month with moving and work and just speeding time with friends and family. I did manage to add three new posts to my blog early in the month though, so it wasn't a complete lose! Those posts were: August Goals, Empty Beauty Products (4), and Currently Obsessed: Come From Away.

91. Set 5 goals a month for a year (2/12)

With my August Goals post, I shared my second round of monthly goals, keeping me on track for this item.

0/6 Completed

2/6 in Progress


97. Update this list once a month (02/33)

100. Put $10 into savings for every item checked off (002/101)

0/6 Completed

2/6 In Progress

Be sure to keep checking back to see how I'm progressing on my goals in what remains of these 1001 days and you can see my full (and updated list) right here!

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