September Goals

September Goals | kathleenhelen

August Goals Revisited 

1. Read 3 books

I began August with only about 100 pages left of Goodnight from London by Jennifer Robson so I thought I’d be fine to finish 3 books during the month. Well, I managed to finish that one… and that was it. So only completed a third of this goal. Whoops.

2. Get everything into and unpacked in my new apartment

Actually managed to complete this goal! It took me just about the entirety of the month, and is a large reason very few of my other goals got completed, but I did manage to get everything moved in, unpacked, and organized in my new apartment. I’m planning on eventually posting an apartment tour to share how I’ve managed to fit all my belongings into my teeny apartment, so stay tuned for that!

3. Visit a museum (another one!)

This was another failed goal, which is unfortunate because there are so many new exhibitions this summer (although thankfully they’re permanent for the most part) and my CMA membership, which gives me free admission to all the museums here, is going to expire in November. I’ll have to try harder in the next couple of months.

4. Run 10 miles (hopefully this will be more attainable even with the move)

… I managed 2 miles….

5. Minimize my belongings as I move (I have way too many things I just don’t need!)

This goal was maybe a little bit of a giveaway because I moved from a one-bedroom into a bachelor apartment which forced me to minimize my belongings. I did put a lot of thought into what to get rid of and what to keep, or at least I tried to put thought into it, and although my apartment feels full, I think I did a good job and creating a space that feels like me, is functional for all my needs, and feels homey, without feeling cluttered and overstuffed.

6. Meditate Daily

Yes! This has been an amazing addition to my daily routine and I haven’t missed a single day since I started. I’ve been using the Headspace App, thanks to the ads on every single podcast I listen to, and haven’t regretted my subscription (just in case you’ve been thinking about signing up).  

7. Take a Multi-Vitamin daily

I did start out strongly with this goal, but between moving and having my mom visiting and eating out way too much, I unfortunately fell out of the habit.

8. As per my 101 in 1001 list, write a letter to be opened on day 1001

Nope. Not done yet. Going to try again this month because I definitely want to write it before day 1000.

So I managed to get 3/8 goals completed this month, which is just shy of half… Honestly, beginning this post and thinking about analyzing how I did on my August Goals, I knew that I did not do well. But thinking about it as almost half actually makes me feel a lot better about them. My goal for the year, as per my 101 in 1001 list, is to create at least 5 goals per month and complete a total of 50% of them over the course of the year. So far, I’ve completed 5 of 13 goals, which is about 38%. If I can have a couple of really good months, I’ll be able to quickly bring that up above 50% and get on track to complete that goal. I haven’t lost hope yet.

And really, even if I’m not completing all my goals every month, setting goals helps me to think about the kind of things I want to accomplish in the span of a month and allows me to focus my attention on certain things. Moving into my new apartment was my focus for the month of August, and I accomplished all my goals for the month related to that goal.


September Goals

1. Read 3 books.

2. Write a letter to myself open on day 1001 of my 101 in 1001.

3. Meditate daily.

4. Run 10 miles.

5. Visit a museum.

6. Don’t stop for breakfast on the way to work (eat at home).

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