101 in 1001 Update - October 2017

The end of another month is drawing near, which means it's time for another update on my progress towards my 101 things in 1001 days list. I did not make as much progress this past month as I have during other months, but I did work towards some of my larger goals so I'm content.

101 Things to Get Done in 1001 Days - October Update | kathleenhelen

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As of October 27, 2017:
Completed:  14/101
In Progress: 16/101

The following are the items I've completed or made progress on since last updating the list, with an overall total of all the items I've completed or have in progress to date for each category. You can see my full (and updated) list right here!


4/14 Completed

0/14 In Progress


1/11 Completed

0/11 In Progress


26. Read five personal development books (1/5)

Since my last update, I finished reading Hal Elrod's Miracle Morning. I haven't written up a review post of it yet, but look for one with a little bit of a twist in the coming weeks.

27. Read 75 books (07/75)

Although I'm close to finishing 3 books that I started reading concurrently, I haven't finished them yet so I only have Miracle Morning to add to my books read list since last month.

28. Write a book review for each book read

Since last month, I wrote a review of The Women in the Castle and The Orphan Master's Son - both of which I recommend highly!

36. Watch 25 TED talks (2/25)

I've been watching TED talks from this list of 50 TED Talks for Twenty Somethings. I wasn't keeping exact track of how many I had watched because, honestly, I forgot this was one of my goals, but I know I watched at least two this past month. I'll try to keep better track in the future to share exactly which TED talks I've been watching.

0/11 Completed

4/11 In Progress

Fitness/ Health

5/18 Completed

1/18 In Progress


2/5 Completed

0/5 In Progress


60. Visit 10 new museums/ special exhibitions (3/10)

I visited two museums this month (had to make use of my CMA membership before it expires). I visited the new Canadian History Hall at the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau and the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax.

83. Try five new wines (2/5) 

I tried both a red and a white wine from Luckett Vineyards while in Halifax last weekend. Both were absolutely delicious, though a little bit pricey for my budget. The vineyard is a Nova Scotian vineyard so their wines aren't available at the LCBOs in Ontario, unfortunately.

85. Take a selfie on the first of each month to see how things change over time (4/33)

1/30 Completed

7/30 In Progress


90. Post 300 blog posts (025/300)

Including this one, I've published 7 blog posts since last month's update, which is not too shabby for me. These posts included: My October Goals, The Women in the Castle Review, My Fall Favourites, The Orphan Master's Son Review, My Visit to the Canadian History Hall, and the 6th edition of my Empty Beauty Products

91. Set 5 goals a month for a year (4/12) 

0/6 Completed

2/6 In Progress


97. Update this list once a month (04/33)

100. Put $10 into savings for every item checked off (014/101)

1/6 Completed

2/6 In Progress

Be sure to keep checking back to see how I'm progressing on my goals in what remains of these 1001 days and you can see my full (and updated list) right here!

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