101 in 1001 Update - December 2017

The end of another month means it's time for another update to my 101 things in 1001 days list! There aren't too many updates for this month, as I've been busy celebrating the holidays and the end of year with family and friends, but I'm slowly making progress on my list.

101 Things in 1001 Days December 2017 Update | kathleenhelen

As of December 31, 2017:
Completed:  15/101
In Progress: 19/101

The following are the items I've completed or made progress on since last updating the list, with an overall total of all the items I've completed or have in progress to date for each category. You can see my full (and updated) list right here!


13. Get a plant and keep it alive for three months (1/3)

I’m super excited to say that my plants are still alive. I don’t know how well they’re going to fare moving forward through the winter because they do not seem to like how chilly my apartment is now. Hopefully I’ll be able to coax them into staying alive because I really like having the greenery around.

4/14 Completed

1/14 In Progress


1/11 Completed

0/11 In Progress


0/11 Completed

5/11 In Progress

Fitness/ Health

5/18 Completed

1/18 In Progress


2/5 Completed

0/5 In Progress


75. Get hair cut

I had been very much  meaning to book myself an appointment for a haircut as this December marked 2 years since my last cut. I kept putting it off thought and eventually felt like I had run out of time. When Christmas Eve arrived, I got my sister to curl my hair for church and she got about halfway through when she decided that it was in awful shape and paused to grab her phone and immediately call her salon and make me an appointment for the 27th. So my hair is freshly cut and feeling super light without all the dead ends - though it is completely thanks to my sister and not at all my own doing. Now to not let myself go another two years without another cut.

85. Take a selfie on the first of each month to see how things change over time (6/33)

2/30 Completed

7/30 In Progress


90. Post 300 blog posts (032/300)

This post makes 3 for the month. The other posts I published in the past month are my December Goals and a recap of my Favourite Books from 2017.

91. Set 5 goals a month for a year (6/12)

0/6 Completed

2/6 In Progress


97. Update this list once a month (06/33)

98. Make a list of 101 things I’ve already accomplished

I started working on this, and although I'm not far along, it's a really nice exercise to work on and is helping me be more aware of the many things I've already accomplished, instead of just looking at a seemingly endless to-do list.

100. Put $10 into savings for every item checked off (015/101)

1/6 Completed

3/6 In Progress

Be sure to keep checking back to see how I'm progressing on my goals in what remains of these 1001 days and you can see my full (and updated list) right here

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101 Things in 1001 Days December 2017 Update | kathleenhelen

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