January Goals

Hello 2018! A few years ago I sat down to create a list of new year's resolutions and couldn't help thinking about how futile that practice seems to be. How many resolutions had I "committed to" and then abandoned before? Rather than repeat the process, I decided to try something different and commit to creating monthly goals instead. As we start a new year, I'm continuing that practice, though we're already well into the month (I'll try to be better about that in the future). Read on to discover how I did on the goals I created for December and the ones I've set for January.

January Goals | kathleenhelen

December Goals Revisited

1. Read Daily

I knew December would be a busy month with lots of gatherings and travel going on, so I didn't want to attempt to read a specific number of books, but wanted reading to be a goal because its the perfect way to decompress and recenter. Volume wise, I didn't end up reading that much, but I'm fairly certain that I was successful in reading at least a couple of pages every day. 

2. Track All Spending

At the end of November I picked up a new planner to use to track all of my expenses and keep me more aware of just how much money I'm spending and how much I have. To date, I've been successful at writing down everything I've spent money on - so this goal was definitely successful!

3. Post at least 5 Photos to Instagram

I thought this one was going to be super easy because of the holidays and all of the "instagrammable" moments. In reality, I was just too in those moments to think about stoping and taking pictures (#badblogger) and too tired to take time to post anything. I posted 4 images to instagram, which is about once a week, but that still makes this goal a failed one.

4. Finish cross-stitch project

I'm soooo close, but unfortunately am still working on this one.

5. Find time to enjoy each tea from my advent calendar

I drank all of my teas everyday and have been trying to keep up the habit of a daily cup of tea. I definitely call this goal a success.

During the month of December I completed 3 out of my 5 goals, bringing my total since July up to 21 out of 39 goals, or 54%. Although I would like to start completing more of my goals every month, this is well on my way to my 101 in 1001 goal of completing 50% of my goals over 12 months. 


January Goals

1. Read 3 books

2. Try a new recipe

3. Create rules for a shopping ban

4. Start a painting

5. Post at least 5 times

6. Drink 3L of water daily

7. Reorganize my desk space

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January Goals | kathleenhelen

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