Friday's Five Happy Things (2)

Every Friday I share five happy things from the previous week that have helped to make my life a little more positive. I want to ensure that I’m appreciating all the good things life throws at me to help create an exceptional life. I share a mix of personal experiences, good things happening in the world, and just generally amazing experiences. The focus is always the celebration of happy things.

Friday's Five Happy Things (2) | kathleenhelen

Here are my five happy things from this week:

1. I may be almost a whole month ahead of my bookclub’s June 7th deadline, but I finished reading The Alice Network by Kate Quinn. I have a not so secret soft spot for novels set in France during the World Wars, plus this one includes not one, but two kick-ass women (quite literally), so, of course, I loved it.

2. I’m in a wedding in October and ordered my bridesmaid dress this week. I’m so excited to be there to celebrate with her and her fiance and so honoured to be in the wedding. October’s looking like it will be filled with lots of happiness!

3. Due to a crazy windstorm last Friday night, my workplace was closed until Tuesday. I was already scheduled as off on Saturday and Monday, and as much as I could have used the money, it was really nice also having Sunday off and unexpectedly having a three day weekend. 

4. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this week. I actually got to spend some time outside Wednesday afternoon as we cleaned up all the garbage accumulated in the grassy areas around my workplace. Not the most glamorous work, but so so worth it to be able to enjoy the 26-degree weather.

5. This Friday is a payday Friday, which is always happy news!

What happy things have happened to you this week?

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Friday's Five Happy Things (2) | kathleenhelen

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  1. Love this idea! I got to see my Mom in Ottawa on Wednesday so that is my positive of the week.