May Goals

I know it’s been about 2.5 months since I last posted anything, but life’s been busy. I had a few unexpected things pop up at the end of February that just threw me out of the habit of writing and posting and I just never got back into the routine. With spring finally showing up in Ottawa, I thought I would just jump back in and start posting again with a new round of goals for a new month. 

I don’t have a recap of my previous month’s goals because I haven’t actually written down goals since February and it seems somewhat pointless to go all the way back and visit my February goals. I do, however, have some expanded explanations for some of my May goals because I haven’t been regularly posting and maybe haven’t been aligning my actions with my intentions very much. 

May Goals | kathleenhelen

May Goals

1. Read at least 2 books

I want to continue working towards my Goodreads goal of reading 2 books per month, which I’ve actually been doing a fair job at maintaining. I’m almost done reading Harry Potter à l’école des sorciers (yup, the first Harry Potter book, in French) and have started reading The Alice Network, so I will hopefully finish at least those two novels this month. 

I also wanted to mention that I’ve added the words “at least” because I want to really feel like this, and my other goals in which I put those words, are not limited to a specific number. The purpose of the goal is to ensure I continue to read, so I don’t want to finish two books and decide I don’t need to read anymore. 

2. Blog at least 2 times per week

Relatively self-explanatory - I don’t want to force myself to write and post anything, but I have been missing the process in the last few weeks. I feel like two posts per week is manageable, even if my schedule becomes slightly crazy (balancing two jobs is not the most fun experience). 

3. Try at least one new recipe

I just love trying new recipes. Speaking of which, if you have any good meal prep lunch ideas (especially instant pot favourites) please pass them on! I hate getting home, having to make dinner and having to think about what I’m going to eat for lunch the following day. I usually set some time aside on my days off to prep a bunch of lunches for the following week of work.

4. Track every non-grocery item purchased

I’ve been doing well at tracking my finances overall and monitoring my expenses in relation to my income, but I’d like to get a little better about thinking what those expenses actually are and whether or not they’re necessary. This goes back to my Shopping with Intent goal, which I admittedly basically abandoned as soon as my life got a little too hectic in February. That doesn’t mean I went out and had an obnoxious shopping spree, but the intention was to track non-grocery purchases to see what I am spending money on regularly and to determine where I could cut back, and that simply did not happen. I have been trying to think more about purchases and whether the items are things I actually need, but I want to better track what I’m buying.

5. Create and use a plan for grocery shopping

I don’t think I really go too much overboard at the grocery store, but I do sometimes end up going multiple times per week and fail to really monitor how much I’m spending each time. I’ll run in to pick up the necessary ingredients for one recipe and end up leaving with a whole cart of groceries that I don’t really need, but which looked too yummy to pass up in the store. 

Because my work schedule changes on a weekly basis, I always have different days off. On my day off, I’ll look ahead to see how many days I’ll next be working in a row and then choose a recipe to meal prep for all of those lunches. Where this fails the most, is that I tend to forget to adequately plan for dinners, causing me to decide that I have to stop to pick something up on the way home, without really having a plan for what I’m going to buy or what I’m going to create with those items. This usually results in a cart full of random items that don’t really go together. 

This month, I want to become more conscious of how much I’m spending at the grocery store and to try to stop myself from purchasing random, unnecessary items. This doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t buy any treats, but I don’t want to buy any on impulse because I’m on my way home from work and hungry.

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May Goals | kathleenhelen


  1. I'm so happy your back to blogging! I enjoyed reading your previous posts.

    1. Thanks Sarah! Someday I'll get myself truly organized haha